Week 13

After reading the chapter, one sentence really resonated throughout the section, “Within convergence culture, everyone’s a participant-although participants may have different degrees of status and influence” (Jenkins p. 204). This aspect of media has been around for a long time, but is becoming more prevalent today because social media aids participatory culture. The chapter discusses this culture by adding that producers need to listen to their audiences and consumers by accommodating to their wants or they will essentially fail and run the risk of losing them. The media industry requires making consumers happy so they can spread the word about virtually anything to their followers. What goes with this is a loss of control. There is no control over what gets shared, parodied, reviewed, and so on. YouTube for example hosts all these videos that people create. These videos can be on any topic. One big thing people use YouTube for is music. This faces backlash the same way Napster faced their legal battles. Everything gets screened for copyright on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean people won’t create covers of themselves singing the songs, slow the music down to make sure it doesn’t get flagged for copyright, or add an obnoxious audio clip over the song to edit it and pass it as theirs. At the same time this brings up the idea of originality. With convergence and folk culture media is like a form of storytelling, passing stories down. The issue with this is how the stories get passed down. People have the right to an opinion, so if they do not like what is created they are able to state it. This does not shield content creators and may hurt them in return, but that is the whole drawback to participatory culture.


Week 11

Our group has had issues with timing of the project, but we are well on our way. We have decided on who will be editing, filming, acting and so forth. A big issue we were facing is who is going to act and the audio that goes along with the video. After seeing the videos that have been shown in class, we decided as a group that the most awkward thing in a bad video is when the audio doesn’t add up with people’s acting or what they are mouthing. So to steer clear of this issue, we decided to film our video like a story. We will be using narration and silent acting throughout the whole video. It will be like reading a book where most of the words are in the third person. We had an original storyboard which we will be going off of. In terms of filming, we have camera angles and shots planned out. As we are filming, we may have to alter the angles. Since we will be filming in public areas, we will have to watch for making sure our video is continuous with same backgrounds, lighting, objects. It takes careful planning to make sure that none of those throw people off when they watch our video. I guess the milestones are the storyline and storyboard we plan to go off of. In a perfect world, if the video comes out as planned it should be pretty good. The hurdles would definitely be the actual filming and getting the shots we intend to shoot. The other obstacle would have to be the audio. The video can come out really well with the narration as long as our shots are good, but it may also be a little difficult to follow, depending on the reception the video gets.

Week 10


Crafting Your Resume

Some parts of this video are similar to some ideas we wanted to use for our video. It points out aspects of resumes and the man talks about them. He discusses key parts of resumes like education, work experience, etc. This could be useful for our video when we show an example of a bad resume. If we don’t use clips from this specific video, we can definitely takes ideas from it like how we can feature aspects of good and bad resumes to show how Resume Builder can help students.



I’m not sure if we will be using any images in our video. Everything is either an actual piece of video we have/will film or the screencast. So, I do not think we will actually show images. I picked this one if we do because I think we could use it to show students searching for jobs. This picture seems a little dated because the popular job boards now are mostly online. We plan on using Indeed.com as the job board we will use when finding jobs to apply for in our video.




I think background audio is good to have. Even though our whole video will be narrated, we will need something playing on top of this. I was thinking about whether we should use two different songs or stick to one. All songs have different tones which is why I think using one consistent song will be good. I think it will also be bad because if we use one song, it may not go with parts of the video we filmed and we may try to accommodate to that. From the videos I have filmed and edited, I have come across that issue. So, I hope that doesn’t happen with this one.

Week 9

I think the creative direction of the group is going well. A lot of our ideas are the same, as far as plot and storyline for the video. There are so many videos created about resumes and building the right resume to land the job. The whole purpose of the video is to portray the usefulness of the resource that is being given by CareerKnight. So, I believe that the simplicity of our video will help in getting the message across as well as being visually appealing to watch. As long as we add good transitions, eye catching camera angles, and so forth, I think our video will be fine. The process was moving a little slow for the group due to some communication issues, but we are back on track for the most part.



Midterm Reflection

Originally I had so many different ideas for blog topics. Do I make a fashion blog, gaming blog, makeup blog, or DIY blog? My creative process in creating a food blog is based on other food blogs I have seen in the past. They feature delicious looking food. Bloggers use colorful food and make them look so appetizing by strategically placing food down in flat lays and making vlogs of their food adventures. I figured trying this out could help me in my future food blogging endeavors. I like trying new food and testing out those foods that people post on Facebook and YouTube. I’m always in New York City, and for me, a big part of going to the city is eating! I figured this topic is always going to be relevant. People always want to save money and after talking to a bunch of friends I realized that this topic is important to them. Most of my friends say that they want to save money and they have realized that a lot of their money is being wasted on food! We are also located so close to the city and for people who do not go to the city often might be in a bit of surprise when they find that the usual 2 for $20 deal at Appleebees is non-existent in Times Square or that the only meal they can get without breaking the bank might be McDonalds. My blog features all those food choices that won’t drain your bank account. There are so many restaurants in the city. It is impossible to remember or know all places that you can get food like an entree and dessert or an appetizer and an entree for $20 and under! My blog functions as a little handbook and guide for those places!

Top 5 Blogs

  • The Artist Corner – Alexa
    • I think Alexa did a great job with this blog! When I think about painting I think colors and fun. You open her blog and the first thing you see is bright yellow and paintbrushes. I like how inviting the blog feels. I want to give a big thumbs up on the video because it reminds me of videos I would watch on YouTube. I think the video was filmed very well and professionally. The only thing I would possibly change is the link. At first glance if you get the webpage link it is not so obvious what it is.
  • Beauty by Gerri – Gerri
    • I like how cute Gerri made the blog. The header and the color scheme are nice. I liked the posts that she also made. The lip stain was well thought out because it fell on International Women’s Day. It seems like she worked very hard on the blog from the video to the numerous tags she has on only three posts.
  • The Homeopathic Helper – Sarah
    • I love this blog because I am one of those people who when I get sick, I sit around and google all the remedies and magical medicines I can use to get better. I like how this blog breaks down the notion that mainstream pharmaceuticals are the only thing that can help you get better. So, finding natural healing remedies is a great topic. Things are coming out everyday so it is a blog that own’t run out of things to write about.
  • ForReel – Mallory
    • I want to applaud the creativity of the blog title. I think it really works with the type of blog posts Mallory is going for. I love movies and I agree that some reviews are completely biased. I like how this blog features honest reviews. The video topic is also very creative. Getting people’s reviews right when they leave the movies is great because the reviews are from people who aren’t highly acclaimed critics, but ordinary people who just saw the movie.
  • All Things Firefly – Lorena
    • My first impression of this blog is that it looks really cute and fun. I like the images and the layout theme. I know of Firefly but I was never really interested in going but this blog makes me think that it would be fun to go. The whole blog feels like a pocket guide that has all the information you need to know about Firefly and it even has a list of things you need for Firefly. I think it is creative and it isn’t a blog you typically come across.


Week 6: Video Editting


Editing the video was not as hard as I thought it would be. The most difficult thing about the assignment was keeping the whole video under two minutes. No matter how hard I tried, I could not do it. I tried to make some parts of the video faster so it could shave off some time but it was not enough. I also think adding the audio on top was a little difficult. I ended up watching the video and talking. Then I added the audio into iMovie and either lengthen parts of the video or slowed some parts down. Another issue I had was trying to make the cuts look less obvious. Since the cursor is showing in all my shots it was hard to make it look effortless if my cursor is at the top of the screen and then just jumps to the bottom. I thought it seemed a little distracting but I could not get it to look smoother in those parts.

As far as the reading goes, it really made me sit and think about all the games I have played and how they may have held political meanings behind them. I never thought of the meanings behind some of the games I’ve played, but they are either subtle or blatantly political. The first game I thought of was Fallout. Bogost discusses how videogames represent complex systems and they teach us about these issues. The very beginning of almost every Fallout game starts with the quote “War, war never changes,” it could mean a lot of things when it comes to the political aspect of the storyline. The game starts with a nuclear bomb and your character being admitted into a vault where they are basically frozen for hundreds of years before they wake up and pursue answers about the kidnapping of their child and the murder of their spouse. The scenery is not the only thing political but the dialogue and the whole plot line of the game puts you in a position where you have to pick and choose how you would interact in those situations. I don’t want to give away the game but you have to choose sides in the end. Videogames have created this virtual reality where they can really shape and mold people through this medium.

Week 5



After a while I started to get a hang of using Garageband. I would have to say the hardest part was finding where to cut the songs and have them fade in and out. I made a bunch of different versions, but getting the perfect cut meant copyright infringement. I made this clip with so many different songs three times before I was able to get this one to stick. Therefore, I had to just cut it randomly and make sure it was under a minute. Other than that it was fairly simple doing things like adding a voiceover. You literally only had to hit record and stop.

I made my fictional podcast about the flu because sadly, I have been laying in bed for the past 3 days with it. (Of course, on the warmest 3 days in February and probably for most of the semester). I think the two songs are very relaxed but happy at the same time. If you could hear the whole thing you would get that they have the same tone and feel. So hopefully, they sound well together.

As for the videos I watched the first one on RedLetterMedia. For such a simple video you would not think that there are so many angles and details going into the video editing but there were actually quite a lot. The beginning shot with the two guys for instance seems simple. It would be a simpler shot if the camera was just filming the two of them at the same time but without realizing the camera is shooting one guy and then cutting to the other when he starts talking and then it becomes a sort of back and forth. You can sense that they are talking to each other even without seeing the two of them talking to each other directly. When they are sitting at the table as a group, you see all of them in one shot and they are talking together, this is the complete opposite but you still get the same conversational feel. As far as the audio edits in the video I think they had them in the parts where they were showing clips of movies. The guys had voiceovers going over the more lengthy videos they showed towards the middle.

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Week 4

I do not think I will be using audio editing in my career field as often, but I find it pretty interesting. I may use it as a hobby or if I need to come up with a quick jingle for something. Maybe even for my future personal blog, if I ever get around to it.

However, I applaud people who have the ear and creativity to come up with actual nice sounding tunes. I have never used Garageband before, but I have used Audicity for one of my classes last year. After watching the video it wasn’t what I thought it was. I thought you tap on instruments and it would make sounds, but it would only have one tone. I was wrong. I like how easy it is to use. You don’t need to hook up an electric piano or have some special keyboard, but its nice you have the option! You could use your own keyboard and just tap the keys. This is good for those who may not be as musically gifted instrument playing wise.

If I ever need to use audio editing I think I might use it to mash songs together or to create background music for videos. It seems to be perfect for creating songs without words and acoustic sounding stuff. Even though I may not use audio editing as frequently in the future, I think it is definitely a useful tool to have some knowledge on.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy my Koalatter.

Week 3

I feel as though I was more knowledgable about editing and photoshop when I was in highschool. I tried so hard to keep my Tumblr up to date with cute images and my Instagram pictures complete with perfect filters. I rarely use Tumblr now and I no longer use 50 different apps to edit my Instagram pictures. Whatever edit I do to pictures or videos are mainly to brighten the image or to smooth any harsh lines (or blemishes on my selfies). Below is a picture from I took for my internship. The left picture is the before and the right is an after with filters added. The point was to show off the bright colors of the sweaters and tops.

img_6275 img_6276

On another note, what I took away from the Coleman reading this week is that there is a sort of classism when it comes to hackers. The Unix hacker said hackers before it became cool are the “real” hackers. According to him, those who know how to program are not actual hackers. Coleman writes “hackers do not universally invoke this type of policing between “good” and “bad: or “authentic” and “inauthentic.”” Hacking is a shared knowledge that is shared across everyone who uses the internet. Hacking is not limited to getting access to private computers that are not yours. It is also trolling and memes. Social media allows for all this to be possible. There is a whole world of information about anything and everyone at our finger tips. Things like blogs, video-sharing sites, pictures, and things like reddit are used by geeks and nongeeks. Those who see themselves as more technical-savy and “nerdy” in a sense see themselves as higher on the classism of hacking. Where as others who just use social media are more oblivious to all the knowledge they hold.